Positive Baccarat Bet Progression System

Some progression systems say a win in 8 games is possible. The 1-3-2-6 system begs to disagree. It believes that a win should come within 4 games.

Four games are enough to see what trend is developing at a table. Some say that within 4 games a win is sure to take place. Some say that if within 4 games a win is still not happening, that's reason enough to get out of the table and look for another baccarat table. Some say we quit altogether.

Anyway, the 1-3-2-6 baccarat bet progression is based on a bet sequence of 1 unit, then 3 units, then 2 units, and lastly 6 units. It's as simple as this. This is an ideal way of testing the waters, as it were, at the table. It observes caution and at the same time inserting a little aggressiveness along the way.

Suppose we play at a 1:1 baccarat table and we use a $10 per unit bet. Our initial wager is (1) $10. Let's say we win�so we have $20�but we bet the whole amount, we an additional $10 bet to satisfy the formula 1-3-2-6. If we win the $30 bet, the next in the formula is the number 2. Because our unit per bet is $10, we bet only $20 this time. If we win again, the next in the formula is the number 6. So we bet $60.

If we win the $60 bet we would be paid $120. Notice that this is already our net profit. We pocket the $110 and bet $10 again, starting a new round of 1-3-2-6 baccarat bet progression. Or, we may choose to quit and have $120 profit for that day, which isn't bad with just 4 games.

What if we lose the betting rounds? Then it's enough for us to know that we ought to quit. Losing $120 straight ought to wake us up and realize that even breaking even with that amount is difficult to achieve. Or, if we choose to try one more time, we go back to $10 after four straight losses. But, again, this progression theory believes that we ought to hit a win in 4 games.

We should also remember the nature of positive betting progression. It keeps increasing bets as the wins increase. But once we lose we go back to the original bet. The 1-3-2-6 is a slight variation of the traditional positive system, and with safety margins.

The positive baccarat bet progression proceeds aggressively with caution.

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Baccarat Bet Progression Tips

Baccarat bet progression systems are very helpful in tracking down winnings. But baccarat bet progression should be coupled with practical tips.

Practical Strategy

What's an effective baccarat progression system like? Good baccarat progression systems have certain features that set them apart from the rest.